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Tax Management System Designed For Business

This proprietary system with visibility to all major tax categories providing access to almost 100 tax incentives and tax credits will become your secret weapon over your competitors.

Get immediate access to funds.

Employees Love Same Day Access to Wages

Leverage the leading Digital Account and Earned Wage Access Solution. Use same day pay/instant access to earn wages and provide a full digital account that helps your employees while saving thousands of dollars for you.

See how same day pay helps your employees.

Lessen the impact of inflation on your business and employees!

Credit Card Processing

We can help you navigaate the complex payment processing rates, securing the lowest possible payment processing rates with your current payment processor. 

Wireless Fees

By managing all aspects of your wireless program, we get you a better deal without having to switch providers, and we monitor your program to ensure you recieve the hightes savings.

Workers Comp Premium

Workers' copensation insurance is a major buiness expense. It is also incredibly complex.  What is generally not known is that over paying is common. Over payments can be recoverd, we go back seven years to recover the greats possible refund.

Employee Development

We help employers use tax incentives & credits to invest in their employees showing they are a valued part of the business reducign employee turnover.

Gain Advantage over the Competition with Better Shipping & Logistics Management

Don't let shipping limits set by FedEx, UPS and other parcel shippers limit your revenue potential!

Discover how you can better manage your shipping!

New Approach to Employee Health Benefits Provide Big Savings

Employee health benefits ranks as the 2nd largest expense for the average employer. Rising cost fo employee health benefits is a big issue many businesses are facing today. We focus on controlling 4 primary cost drivers which make up 90% of the cost of a health plan. 

Reduce employee health benefits by 12 to 25%.

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