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We help companies build their own stimulus package using tax incentives available to them.

Start with getting $33,000 per employee.

Use Tax Incentives to Build Your Own Business Stimulus

Right now, it is so important for small businesses to take advantage of federal tax incentives. This is money you get to keep and reinvest into your revenue growth strategies or invest in your employees or cover other operating expenses. 


You do not have to be a tax expert. You can use our online tax management system to ensure you have not left any dollars on the table.  The best part is we will work with your CPA or accounting team to make sure everything is filed the way it should be. 


What could you do with $33,000 per employee?

The Most Under-Utilized Tax Incentives with Big Savings for Businesses

Businesses that Know how to take advantage of these tax incentives have an advantage over those who do not.

Business property tax mitigation services

Property Tax Mitigation

  • Reduce taxes owed
  • Potential of refunds on prior taxes paid
  • Reduce tax burden going forward
  • Increased cash flow 
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Research and development tax incentives

R & D Tax Incentives

  • Receive “tax money” back from prior years
  • Reduce current taxable income on a dollar-for-dollar basis.
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Hiring tax incentives

Hiring Tax Incentives

  • No limit on number of individuals an employer can hire
  • Simple steps to follow
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Tax cost segregation studies

Cost Segregation Studies

  • Significant cash flow benefits
  • Shorter depreciable tax life
  • Accelerated depreciation methods
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