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Small Business Purchasing Power & Balance Sheet Improvements!

Discover how a FREE expense analyis can help you? 

Ready to improve your income statement and reduce cost of goods sold? How about increase cash flow, or increase employee retention? 

Vendor Expense Analysis

We house $6T in expense data for more than 10M companies. Our data science team has normalized and built models that turn that data into an actionable asset allowing us to develop benchmarks from every vendor on your ledger.



Improve Employee Benefits Without Adding Costs.

Lower Cost of Benefits

Our healthcare cost-containment strategies reduce employer costs  to provide employee benefits by 20-30%.  What would you do with the savings?

Lower Premiums

The same cost-containment strategies that help the employer also  reduces the out-of-pocket expense for employees. Increasing their take home pay.

Payroll Flexibility

A payroll solution that is flexible and provides employees instant access to wages earned at zero cost to your business while decreasing absenteeism and turn over.

Employee Development

We help employers use tax incentives & credits to invest in their employees showing they are a valued part of the business.

Gain Advantage in eCommerce over the Competetion With Better Shipping & Logistics Managment

Don't let shipping limits set by FedEx, UPS and other parcel shippers limit your revenue potential!

Help Your Vendors While Helping Your Business.

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