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There is more to running a school that falls outside of the teacher, counselor, and administrator roles.

The Top Challenges Facing Corporations Today.

We live in rapidly changing times. As world events are shaping politcal and social view points that will impact the way we live, companies still need to function and turn a profit. We have outlined the top challenges many corporations face today, along with our approach to providing solutions to those challenges.  Please take a look but, keep in mind, although these are effective solutions, they are not right for everyone.  It is always best to sit down and consult with your advisors and subject matter experts to decide if the approach is right for you, your shareholders, and your employees. 


We can guarantee your business will be cash postive when you implement any one of our programs. 

Low Operating Margins

How comfortable do you feel when potential employees asks about what your compensation and benefits packages look like?  

Find out how we can help reduce your healthcare cost and increase your employee take home pay.

We start our process by benchmarking expenses in the following categories.

No upfront cost, No hidden fees, Recovery share model.

Human Resources

Payroll Processing | Training | HR Software | Background Checks


Workers Comp | Health | Property Liability | Cyber | Malpractice | Specialty


Print | Digital| Radio | Bilboards | Television


Fleet Leasing / Purchases | Vehicle Rental | GPS


Water | Gas | Propane | Electric | Sewer | Heating Oil

Waste & Recycling

Trash | Recycling | Hazardous Waste Medical Waste | Shredding Documents

Telecom / Software

Phones | Wireless Services | Phone System | Internet / Cable | Fire & Security | Printing / Copies | Software Licensing | Hardware Licensing | Hardware Leases | Hardware Purchases | Software Maintenance | Document Storage | Video Conferencing Equipment / Licenses | Website / Email Hosting | Document Imaging


Bank Fees | ERP Software | LOCs Term Loans | CC Processing | CC Programs | Purchasing Cards

Textiles / Supplies

Uniforms | Laundry / Rugs / Matts Cleaning | Promotional Materials | Printing Office Supplies | Corrugated Boxes


Property Tax Mitigation | Cost Segregation | R&D Incentives | Hiring Tax Incentives

Class Action Claims

Our experienced team identifies and recovers class action funds that may be owed to our client’s businesses.

Zero Cost Processing

This service is designed to reduce a business’s cost of credit card acceptance to zero-net-cost by adding a surcharge paid by the consumer.

Nearly all organizations have already turned to experts to manage payroll, we estimate in the next 2-4 years nearly all companies will be turning to experts to manage and monetize payables.

Our strategy also includes implementing the following solutions at zero cost to the community.

Senior living communities can also earn monthly rebates!

Accounts Payable Automation

Our platform offers a valuable rebate program but also improves workflow efficiency by 2/3rds.

Employee Same-Day-Pay

This platform provides tools to help employees manage their finances and receive immediate access to earned wages at no cost to the School District.

Shipping & Logistics

Using a single platform to rate shop and manage shipments across multiple parcel and LTL carriers.

Labor Shortage

How comfortable do you feel when potential employees asks about what your compensation and benefits packages look like?  

Find out how we can help reduce your healthcare cost and increase your employee take home pay.


Making Products More Convenient and Product Innovation

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Dealing With Transformative Technology and ECommerce

Everyone has read an atricle about machine learning or AI and how these emerging technologies are going to revelotionize business as we know it. If you have been in busness long enough you know different technologies don't always play well together.


Improving Demand Responsiveness

Today's on demand world has changed customer expectations. Wether we think this expectations are reasonable or not it is operation's responsibility to meet the demand without using up all the working capital.  Increase the percentage of on-time-deliveries. Gain greater visibility into your inbound shipments. Experience 15% in workflow efficiencies while also cutting 33% on your shipping rates.

Help Your Vendors While Helping Your Business.

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