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Buyers have more leverage regarding their payment method than they realize.


Save time,  Increase Security, Monetize Accounts Payable


Total annual rebate on $15,000
Monthly AP Spend


Total annual rebate on $25,000 
Monthly AP Spend


Total annual rebate on $50,000
Monthly AP Spend


Total annual rebate on $100,000
Monthly AP Spend


Total annual rebate on $200,000 
Monthly AP Spend


Total annual rebate on $400,000
Monthly AP Spend

Today's Accounts Payables & AP Automation

Most organizations still process a mix of checks and ACH to pay vendors. Did you know checks are the most expensive and least secure method of paying vendors?


ACH is less expensive and more secure than checks, but now you have time and assumed risk associated with maintaining suppliers’ bank information.


Regarless of how you pay your vendors there is time involved. To reduce the time to manage accounts payable by 2/3rds and the expenses involved with using paper checks and mitigate fraud with checks you should look into ap automation solutions. 


Take a look at our ap automation solution and see how we can help. 

28 years of expertise in payments

PCI & SOC 2 compliant

Certified card processor

More than 7,500 corporate customers, including world leading brands

Turn AP automation into a revenue creator

Many of your vendors already take virtual cards.  With every payment you make right now to these vendors, you’re missing out on the rebate and other added benefits. 


Why is virtual card better than check or ACH?

  • No cost to pay with virtual cards and you are
  • Eliminate check processing costs for checks you convert to pay by virtual cards. 
  • Virtual cards work like any other credit card a vendor already accepts – there are no additional fees.
  • Virtual cards generate significant revenue for your organization, each time you pay your suppliers.
  • Rebate paid monthly. 
  • Virtual cards, the single use card number is valid only until payment is processed, preventing fraudulent and unauthorized charges.
Want to find out if virtual cards will work for you?


Single use virtual cards save you up to $10 per invoice AND generate a 1% rebate, paid monthly


  • Faster payment / reduce DSO

  • Preferred vendor status over those that do not accept virtual cards

  • More secure payment with reduced exposure to fraud

  • Detailed remittance information provided for easy reconciliation

Do more with less money


Constant pressure to do more
with less as a cost center


robotic payment solutions


Proliferation of payment
methods, tools, and providers


manage risks


Manage risk in an ever increasing
complex risk environment


Nearly all organizations have already turned to experts to manage payroll, we estimate in the next 2-4 years nearly all companies will be turning to experts to manage and monetize payables.

Optimize payment mix to reduce costs and fraud, save time, and generate revenue

  • Automate the delivery of all of your payments
  • Move your payments to lower cost, revenue generating, and more secure payment methods
  • Complete implementation in as little as two weeks
  • No investment required.
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