Business Cost Redution

Our clients benefit from a no-cost review of more than 20 potential savings areas.

The history of business cost reduction methods

You may be looking for ways to reduce your operating costs. Some companies may look at worn-out methods to cut expenses that require either doing more with less or taking something away from someone. You maybe looking at cutting travel expenses,  implement a hiring freeze, and cancel holiday parties and events.


If those measures are not enough, you might even reduce perks, freeze salaries, or reduce wages or eliminate year-end bonuses. If this doesn't work, companies may look at cutting workers' hours, force unpaid vacations or furlough programs, or conduct layoffs.


We are not excited about any of these strategies because they are just bandaids and are not long- term cost savings solutions. 


Wether you agree or not we know you will find value in  our cost reduction services.

Acconts Payable Automation and Rebate Services

Accounts Payable Automation

  • Simplify the payables processes
  • Reduce fraud and
  • Earn rebates
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Shipping and Logistics Solutions

Shipping &

  • Improve cost efficiecy by 15%
  • Address shipping complexities
  • Eliminate overspending on shipping
  • Gain a competitive advantage
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Employee Same Day Pay

Same Day

  • Provide real-time earnings earned wages, tips and miles
  • Alleviate employee stress
  • Increase  employee engagement
  • Decreases absenteeism
  • Decreases employee turnover
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Zero cost credit card processing

Zero Cost

  • Reduce cost of credit card acceptance to zero-net-cost
  • Increase profit margin on all credit card transactions.
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Document and Copier/Printer Lease Audits

Documents & Copier/Printer Leases

  • Average of 57% savings on their copier leasing
  • Automate work process and eliminate waste
  • Avoid onerous termination requirements
  • Eliminate auto renewal etrapment contracts
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