Workers Comp Premium Recovery

Over 70% of companies are overpaying their workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Our review is provided on a contingency fee basis so if we can’t find savings there is no cost to the client.

Workers’ compensation premiums are a significant company expense. In fact workers comp is often the third most expensive line item in a company’s P & L. Our work comp premium recovery audit program evaluates up to the last seven years of a company’s policies and premium calculations to determine if the correct amount of premiums had been charged.

Why Use a Third Party For a Workers Comp Premium Recovery Audit?

We help employers to calculate the proper premium, based on state insurance department and other regulatory agencies regulations and go back 5-7 years to look for overpayments. Our audit team has over fifty years of combined experience and will recover any amount overcharged, and reduce your premiums going forward.  This is regardless of whether your company has had a lot of claims, or none at all.


We know that your time, and the time of your employees, is valuable to you, and we certainly appreciate that.  We vow not to take up your time.  Any documentation that we need, that you do not have readily available, we will obtain from your providers and, of course, all information is held in the strictest confidence.

Why Do I Need a Workers Compensation Audit?

There are over 20 areas that our audit team looks at when auditing your Workers' Comp Premiums. Many of the recoveries are a result of improperly calculated experience ratings and/or the erroneous application of experience ratings.

All aspects of your workers’ comp premiums are reviewed including:

  • classifications
  • experience ratings (ex-mods)
  • payroll audits
  • rates
  • applicable discounts

Our professional auditors are familiar with individual states insurance statutes along with rating bureau rules and regulations that affect how workers’ compensation premiums are computed.

In our experience more than 3 out of 4 employers are overcharged on their Workers' Comp insurance, and most businesses are overcharged by 5 to 15% and, in some cases, far more than that. 

How Much Does A Workers Comp Premium Audit Cost?

Now, keep in mind, we don't sell Worker's Comp insurance, so we don't look to replace your insurance broker or insurance company.


Upon completion of our analysis, a written report is provided to the client documenting the overcharges, including supporting documentation needed to recover the overcharges. We will even do the collections as we do all the services.


We work on a contingency fee basis, receiving a portion of the refunds and credits that we obtain for our clients.  This means that there is no charge for our work unless, and until, we actually obtain a refund for you.  If there is no refund, there is no charge.

We only get paid if we find savings and we only receive a portion of the savings.

Our service is based solely on a contingency fee basis and are available to companies nationwide, except for ND, OH, WA & WY.

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