Business Auditing / Cost Recovery Services

We help companies add internal support services without the expense of adding new staff.

Cost recovery methods that work on auto pilot. 

We offer many overcharge recovery services, all of which are offered on a contingency basis with our zero-risk guarantee.  This means that if there is no savings, there is no fee.  These services are quick and simple, and typically require little to no assistance or work on our clients’ part.  None of the services below require changing of vendors or providers.


You can choose to use all of our services or just one or two that appeal to your business. 

Class Action Claims Administration

Class Action Claims Administration

  • Antitrust class action settlement claims consulting
  • Obtain your fair share of consumer and antitrust class action recoveries
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Wirless audits and manage services

Wireless Audits / 
Managed Service

  • Over 95% of clients reduce wireless spending by 25 to 33%
  • Less than one hour of your time
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Tax cost segregation studies

Cost Segregation Studies

  • Significant cash flow benefits
  • Shorter depreciable tax life
  • Accelerated depreciation methods
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Business property tax mitigation services

Property Tax Mitigation

  • Reduce taxes owed
  • Potential of refunds on prior taxes paid
  • Reduce tax burden going forward
  • Increased cash flow 
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Research and development tax incentives

R & D Tax Incentives

  • Receive “tax money” back from prior years
  • Reduce current taxable income on a dollar-for-dollar basis.
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Hiring tax incentives

Hiring Tax Incentives

  • No limit on number of individuals an employer can hire
  • Simple steps to follow
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Workers Compensation Premium Recovery

Workers Comp Premium Recovery

  • Go back 5-7 years to look for over-payments.
  • Recover overpaid workers comp premiums.
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Waste management audits

Waste Management Audits

  • Lower monthly expenses for solid waste
  • Lower monthly expenses for medical waste
  • Lower monthly expenses for recycling disposables
  • Without switching their current vendor
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Credit card processing audits

Credit Card Audits

  • Nearly a 100% success rate 
  • Average over 15% saings
  • If no refund or savings, there is no fee.
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