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Class Action Claims Administration

According to a recent study of class action settlements, less than 7% of class members submitted a claim for the money owed to them from the majority of cases.

Why Participate in Class Action Lawsuit Claims Settlments?

Our class action laswsuit settlement claims consulting provides clients with the ability to obtain their fair share of consumer and antitrust class action recoveries.


These are generally class actions where a case is already settled, and a court has deemed that there has been price fixing, or something similar, and businesses therefore overpaid for a product or service.

Active Settlements 

Who Should Participate in Class Action Lawsuit Settlments?

If within the last 23 years your business has paid credit card processing fees, purchased technology products, purchased manufacturing products, purchased pharmaceutical products,  and or agricultural products, you may be eligible to recover funds from one or more of the hundreds of class actions and other settlements in which our experts prepare, file and manage claims.


We follow an average over 200 class action settlments at any given time. 

Find Out About Our Class Action Claims Administration Services

With over 17,000 clients, including many “Fortune 500” companies, our experts have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars for clients.


How Does Class Action Settlement Contulting Work?

Our experts prepare, assemble, and submit your claim package, and manage it throughout the claims processing phase, including working with you to address any concerns or questions the claims administrator may have. 


We provide regular updates on the recovery process, we review your payments to assure that they have not been under calculated, and of course, our class action recovery specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have.

How Do I Check To See If My Company Qualifies for A Class Action Settlement?

To find out if your company qualifies for any of the current active class action settlments and take advantage of this opportunity, and to access your fair share of these settlements, all we need is your Agreement to get started.


Contact us, to see if you qualify to participate in one of the class action settlements! 

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